The Tea Party and Immigration Reform: What Positions Are They Taking?

The Tea Party and Immigration Reform: What Positions Are They Taking?


We are seeing the various Tea Party organizations voicing their views on immigration reform this week, so I thought it might be beneficial to provide a snapshot of their arguments at this point in the process. Below, please find five articles outlining the positions advocated by various Tea Party groups.


Corey McLaughlin

1)   Tea Party Patriots op-ed on May 1st:

“On Wednesday, Tea Party Patriots’ co-founder Jenny Beth Martin penned an op-ed on decrying the immigration bill as “Obamacare Redux…

 “This is not about amnesty,” she wrote. “It is not about illegals. It is about how government has gone off the rails. Just like Obamacare that was negotiated behind closed doors, any legislation cooked up in a secretive gang-like attitude among D.C. politicians is not the kind of system the forefathers had in mind.”

Source:Tea Party Leader Labels Immigration Bill ‘Obamacare Redux’,” written by Benjy Sarlin for Talking Points Memo and published on 05/02/13.

2)   Tea Party Unity conference call on May 2nd:

“Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and a GOP witness at last month’s Senate hearings on immigration reform, laid out his strategy for stopping the reform bill on a Tea Party Unity conference call Thursday.”

Source:Krikorian Lays Out Strategy to ‘Kill’ Immigration Bill, Attacks ‘Big Religion’ SBC, ‘Jerk’ Graham, ‘Water Boy’ Rubio,” written by Miranda Blue for Right Wing Watch and published on 05/07/13.

3)   Heritage Foundation report on May 6th:

“Even though the 2012 presidential election put an end to Mitt Romney’s idea that 47 percent of Americans were moochers “who are dependent upon government,” the Heritage Foundation on Monday doubled down on that thinking, releasing a report that claimed that immigration reform could cost the country $6.3 trillion.”

Source:Heritage’s Fatally Flawed Study Doubles Down on Romney’s 47 Percent,” written by Marshall Fitz for Think Progress and published on 05/06/13.

4)   Tea Party Express, TheTeaParty.Net, Revive America, and Americans For Tax Reform’s on May 6th:

“Several conservative activists and tea party group leaders are meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio Tuesday afternoon to discuss immigration reform, including a list of what they support – and don’t.

Tea Party Express, TheTeaParty.Net and Revive America leaders as well as Americans For Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist are expected to be among the more than two dozen grassroots conservative leaders huddling with the Florida Republican. The groups in the meeting support immigration reform.

[The Heritage Foundation opposes immigration reform.] Other key conservative groups like Freedom Works and Club for Growth — two that supporters have tried to get to step up support for immigration reform — have maintained their silence on the issue.”

Source:Immigration’s new ally: Tea partiers,” written by Anna Palmer for Politico and published on 05/07/13.

5)   True the Vote on May 7th:

“True the Vote, a Tea Party group purporting to combat voter fraud, is now rallying against the Senate’s immigration bill. In a fundraising email to supporters, True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht warned that the bill presents a “golden opportunity” to allow “millions of newly legalized immigrants” to “undermine our electoral system.”

Source:Voter Suppression Group Fear Mongers Over Immigration Reform: It Will Allow ‘Millions’ To Vote,” written by Aviva Shen for Think Progress and published on 05/07/13.


2 thoughts on “The Tea Party and Immigration Reform: What Positions Are They Taking?

  1. RedWest

    Was hoping for more objective analysis to share with friends who are swaying under the deluge of right-wing rhetoric. These articles do not help. Where oh where are the professional journalists and policy analysts??

    1. coreyd922 Post author

      You are right – these articles merely provide a snapshot of where each Tea Party organization is positioning itself on the chessboard, so to speak.

      Which arguments are you looking to counter, RedWest?


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