Who leaked Junior’s Emails to the NYT?


After listening to all the podcasts and after reading all the print stories about Donald Trump Junior’s apparent collusion with a ‘Russian government lawyer’, this is the question that nags me – Who leaked Junior’s emails to the New York Times?

This question about the leaker’s identity is not the most important issue raised by Junior’s collusion, I admit, but it is intriguing. I don’t have any information, but I’d like to speculate on the record – my hunch is that Jared Kushner’s attorney(s) are the source of the email leak. It would make sense; they would just be looking out for their client’s legal interests, since Jared and Paul Manafort were both included in the emails and the meeting with the Russian lawyer itself.

Of course, by that logic it could just as easily be Manafort’s attorney(s) at work too. I’m just spitballing here, and have no way of knowing. It’s just a hunch.

What theories would you entertain on the matter? Leave a comment here or on the Common Culture Facebook page!


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