Common Culture is intended to provide resources and build a sense of community online, while devising new tactics and methods to build progressive communities throughout the Midwest. It is time to renew the heartland, friends. 🙂


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    1. coreyd922 Post author

      I could do that. 🙂 I haven’t seen a lot of movement lately on that front, but it would do me good to check back in on the legislation, see what’s been published lately, etc.


  1. xandrablackprime

    I’ve been following you on facebook. I’m from the Boston area. Lately, I’m becoming more & more concerned about the politicized divisiveness I’m seeing between “Democrat” & “Republican” and “Liberals” vs. “Conservatives” There is a lot of propaganda floating around. Even if I agree with certain messages, I still recognize propaganda for what it is. Recently, I discovered Beware of Images on Facebook & looked at the website & watched a talk by Sergio Toporek which was very important and enlightening. I am extremely concerned about the civil rights violations CISPA entails. I am also very concerned about Obamas executive order breaching HIPAA. I don’t think people realize what a legal precedent for breaching HIPAA could mean for civil rights as a whole. Although this executive order applies to guns, it has much greater implications. Once a legal precedent occurs, even by executive order, it opens up the possibilities for further breach of HIPAA. When you consider how many Americans have in the past & are presently taking some form of medication for psychological issues, the concept of breaching HIPAA is very dangerous. In addition, the most current DSM is very spectrum oriented, which is a marked shift in the diagnosis of mental disorders. There has been so much chip away legislation concerning abortion. I shudder to think what adding a “mental competency” dynamic into the abortion debate could mean for women. That’s just one example of consequences of a HIPAA breach. I’m taking the long view here. The domino effect of a HIPAA breach is, frankly, frightening. And I am also concerned that people who need medical help will shy away from it. Mental Health carries a huge stigma. So many are argueing about guns, or Benghazi, or Immigration or Gay Marriage. These are all important issues which need dialogue & debate. They are also extremely emotionally charged issues, which hinders reason in entering the dialogue & debate. When I look at the implications of CISPA, which frankly has not received much media coverage, I see gross violations of the Constitution, to the point where I can’t even fathom how it passed through the House. To me, CISPA and breaching HIPAA, well, let’s just say that in terms of the Constitution & Civil Rights, those 2 issues seem to have been lost in the dialogue & debate I see in the media. I guess you could say I want to form a bridge between the polarization I’m seeing. As well as say, while everyone is up and arms over certain controvertial, media focussed issues, there are some issues that may slip by, while our attention is elsewhere.


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